norken has fully equipped materials testing laboratory that provides support to our consulting and field inspection services while providing forensic and testing services to our clients region wide. stringent quality assurance and quality control procedures provide results engineers can rely on as they consider recommendations, products and materials to be used for construction or repair projects.

青草国产超碰人人添人人碱0our range of services include:-

site investigations; where we investigate soils and materials, do condition surveys for road pavements such as visual inspections, deflection surveys, surface roughness, dynamic cone penetrometer (dcp) sounding and coring. we do /test.htming of construction materials for roads and building works and pavement evaluation and design.

青草国产超碰人人添人人碱1samples retrieved from the field are brought to norken soils & materials laboratory at dagoretti for testing. the laboratory is fully equipped to undertake various tests including;

  1. soils and gravel tests;
  2. aggregate tests;
  3. asphalt and bitumen tests; and
  4. concrete tests.

the department recently acquired a fully automated triaxial machine for determination of soil shear strength. the automation of the testing process and reporting increases the accuracy of the laboratory results by eliminating human errors. the equipment is the first of its kind in the country

the fully automated triaxial has the capability 青草国产超碰人人添人人碱2to carry out the following tests:

  1. unconsolidated undrained (uu);
  2. consolidated undrained (cu); and
  3. consolidated drained (cd).

apart from the in-house testing, we also carry out commercial testing for other consultants and contractors, also offer training in materials testing.

eng .stephen ndinika

head of transportation engineering & material /test.htming department