norken prides in having a fully-fledged environmental management department with capacity for conducting environmental and social impact assessments; environmental audits (initial and self audits); environmental scoping and baseline surveys; environmental sampling (soil and air emissions, water quality, waste water and noise level); environmental risk assessment; occupational health and safety management; resettlement action plan development; strategic environmental assessment; and automated management systems including environmental management systems . we incorporate cross cutting issues such as gender, alleviation of poverty, hiv/aids, food security and conservation of traditional resource management innovations in our projects.

isaiah kegora


we are registered with the national environmental management authority (nema) as a ‘firm of experts’ under the government of kenya’s environmental management and coordination act of 1999 and the environmental impact assessment and audit regulations of 2003.

our capacity includes fully equipped materials testing laboratory and equipment for environmental investigations such as; soil and ground water surveys, geophysical surveys, geotechnical ground/ ground water using resistivity and electrical imaging and soil gas surveys. we can also profile underground rock formations and detect the presence of ground water to significant depths using our own geotechnical investigating equipment including the abem terrameter lund imaging systems. we are an authorized iso metrix partner. our staff have been trained by metrix software solutions (pty)ltd on the use of the software.

our experience and exposure in environmental consulting traverses various african countries including kenya, uganda, tanzania, rwanda, burundi, sudan, ethiopia, eritrea, somaliland, botswana and mauritius.